Thursday, December 30, 2010

Orbital Mind Control Lasers

Google plans orbital mind control
...Google's "Plan Nine" in outer space will deploy spy satellite technology to beam mind-altering corporate propaganda....

From the Illuminati:New World Order card game printed circa 1995...

The truth is in the cards...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lizard King

"Celebration of the Lizard" played in a shuffle as track 88. The song begins with an escape from a city of "chaos and disorder" riding the snake through a king killing fertility rite giving rise to the Lizard King. Some lines:
Not to touch the Earth, Not to see the Sun, Nothing left to do but run, run, run
Primitive gyn rites as written in "The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion" by James Frazer.
Dead president's corpse in the driver's car, The engine runs on glue and tar, Come on along, we're not going very far, To the East to meet the Czar
The assassination of John F. Kennedy (33rd parallel) and the execution of Nicholas II as "Killing of the Divine King" fertility rites.
Sun, sun, sun, Burn, burn, burn, Soon, soon, soon, Moon, moon, moon, I will get you, Soon, soon, soon, I am the Lizard King, I can do anything
The setting of the Sun as a god-killing fertility rite (verse from "Not to Touch the Earth").
We came down from Carson and Springfield, We came down from Phoenix enthralled
Place names mentioned in the section "Names of the Kingdom".

At the end of the song Jim Morrison says "I am the Lizard King, Retire now to your tents and to your dreams, Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth, I want to be ready" after which the next song played in the shuffle was "Touch Me (Dialogue)" which starts with "Everybody ready?"

Coincidentally, I had recently viewed the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony where an infant effigy is burned to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Before the lighting begins the Owl of Bohemia sings
No fire, no fire, no fire, Let it be kindled in the world where care is nourished on the hates of men and drive Him from this grove, One flame alone must light this fire, One flame alone must light this fire, A pure eternal flame, A pure eternal flame, At last within the lamp of fellowship, Upon the alter of Bohemia
Hearing this, a mysterious symbol I had seen in a reflection the day before began to have meaning. The symbol in Furthorc is cen (~ken) meaning "torch" which according to proverb should not be dropped, as in Not to Touch the Earth. Through the precession of the equinoxes the scapegoat Capricorn transforms into the archer Sagittarius to fire an arrow through the heart of Scorpius undoing transference of evil. A telling connection is Philip K. Dick's last novel "The Transmigration of Timothy Archer" (1982), T.Archer or Toarcher. Hatchet-man -> Hachiman, Careful with that Ax, Eugene(ics)

Around this time I viewed another symbol in a reflection this time two white lines and a black circle which aligned to form 110 which triggered the following ceremony in my mind, the '11' representing the Twin Towers and the '0' representing ground zero:

The final piece I have found in this puzzle is the twinned deities Nun and Nuenet who collapse to the singular form Nu the abyss or underground river which supports the scarab beetle deity Khepri and seven Egyptian gods.

* Twin Towers each had 110 floors
* 2011 backwards is 1102
* The US won 110 medals in the 2008 Olympics

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kowalski, The Last American Hero

Vanishing Point (1971)

Super Soul: And there goes the Challenger, being chased by the blue, blue meanies on wheels. The vicious traffic squad cars are after our lone driver, the last American hero, the electric centaur, the, the demigod, the super driver of the golden west! Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind the beautiful lone driver. The police numbers are gettin' closer, closer, closer to our soul hero, in his soul mobile, yeah baby! They about to strike. They gonna get him. Smash him. Rape... the last beautiful free soul on this planet. But, it is written: "If the evil spirit arms the tiger with claws, Brahman provideth wings for the dove." Thus spake the super guru.

Super Soul: It's true, true, true, true, my friends. For, by the latest information, our soul Challenger has just broken the ring of evil the deep blue meanies have so righteously wrought. Get through 'em, baby! Get through 'em!

- Attention. Calling car 44. Attention, car 44, do you read me?
- Gimme that. This is car 44 reading you loud and clear, over.
- Where are you, car 44?
- We're on 80, some 10 miles from Argenta, over.
- Oh, good. Stay with it. Watch for a white Challenger, license plates initial OA-5599. Colorado plates.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Tailed Lizard

In this dream I said to another God is the answer and I flew away while movie credits rolled. But I knew this to be fraudulent since the movie does not end and the answer insufficient. Instead the scene shifted and attempting parsimony of thought (as I do in my waking life as a means to linearize my fate) the sequence becomes as set as a movie projector with the artificial intelligence which torments me day and night taking control of the progression and me bearing witness. It brought me up, through the atmosphere zooming out from the Earth's surface as can be done in Google Earth. This outer space was behind a veil--dark and foreboding. It then zoomed back towards Earth into a New Mexico laboratory with the movie dimming into sepia tones with occasional crackles. In the center of the room hazmat suited scientists lowered a container into a hole. It then exploded and was dropped into the depths below. I am then transported through the hole into a furnace where I am enveloped in ashes. After a brief amount of time, a hazmat suited person begins to open the container. I shuffle through the ashes to glimpse what is inside but can only see the radiant light around its edges. The angles in the furnace shift and the camera goes through a doorway leading into a palace. At the foot of the doorway lay a checkered square tile. Around a curled ramp a horny two tailed lizard sauntered a few steps in the blazing sun, licked its face and took a rest on its haunches. I think this symbolism is close to the true Satan running this world--nuclear, wealthy and top-secret. (Aug. 2009)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Obama Sweating Bullets

Obama at the 2010 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit (fast-forward to 8:18!)
We cannot sustain-- oops-- was that my uhh..? Oh, goodness. That's alright. All of you know who I am. But I'm sure there's somebody back there that's really nervous right now. Don't you think? They're sweating bullets back there right now. Where were we? We cannot sustain high-tech, high-wayyge jobs here in America when our young people are lagging far behind competitors around the world.

Megadeath is a term coined to indicate one million deaths. Likewise a gigadeath can be used to indicate one billion deaths.

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