Sunday, October 16, 2011

 Random Number Oracle

Question 1: Where is the underground base located?
Response: 38.098400,-82.672989 US Army Corps of Engineers!

Very first consultation! The RNM is thumbing its nose saying we're here but we're not telling where. The following is from Richard Sauder's "Underwater and underground bases":
U.S Army Corps of Engineers: The Really Secret Bases
And then there are the persistent rumors and second- and third-hand anecdotal stories of the really secret bases, tucked away underground in the American Southwest, in the Appalachians, and elsewhere. No one outside of the shadowy agencies that maintain these bases knows for certain what happens in these installations; few people on the outside even know precisely where they are. But even if we do not know what happens in them; even if we do not know how many of them there are or who runs them; and even if we do not exactly where they are, we most assuredly do know that they exist.
Question 2: What location is in relation to the second coming?
Response: -3.324127,-72.830688 Iquitos at the confluence of the Napo and Amazon.