Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Tailed Lizard

In this dream I said to another God is the answer and I flew away while movie credits rolled. But I knew this to be fraudulent since the movie does not end and the answer insufficient. Instead the scene shifted and attempting parsimony of thought (as I do in my waking life as a means to linearize my fate) the sequence becomes as set as a movie projector with the artificial intelligence which torments me day and night taking control of the progression and me bearing witness. It brought me up, through the atmosphere zooming out from the Earth's surface as can be done in Google Earth. This outer space was behind a veil--dark and foreboding. It then zoomed back towards Earth into a New Mexico laboratory with the movie dimming into sepia tones with occasional crackles. In the center of the room hazmat suited scientists lowered a container into a hole. It then exploded and was dropped into the depths below. I am then transported through the hole into a furnace where I am enveloped in ashes. After a brief amount of time, a hazmat suited person begins to open the container. I shuffle through the ashes to glimpse what is inside but can only see the radiant light around its edges. The angles in the furnace shift and the camera goes through a doorway leading into a palace. At the foot of the doorway lay a checkered square tile. Around a curled ramp a horny two tailed lizard sauntered a few steps in the blazing sun, licked its face and took a rest on its haunches. I think this symbolism is close to the true Satan running this world--nuclear, wealthy and top-secret. (Aug. 2009)

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