Friday, December 2, 2011

Why U?

Beginning the journey there is a shelter off the beaten path, deep in the woods made of sticks. This is the dwelling of the hermit. Continuing on the path the hermit follows from the woods. He can be heard shuffling leaves and snapping twigs. Off to the side of the path on an embankment an extra-terrestrial comes alive from a bush, peering. Continuing there is a clearing with a large tree. A sign warns of dangerous bees. Moving past the sign, over a precipice, there is a descent into a valley below.
Near the bottom of the valley there is a tree that says "Why you?" Looking towards the precipice the response is "God". This later is shown to be the symbol of the Freemasons. Continuing down the valley there is another G, this time it says "GZA" viz a viz the Five Percent Nation/Nation of Islam.

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